Feng Shui – Gift Giving Tip

The collection trap

Don’t assume a collector wants more of the same

If you are giving a gift to add to someones collection, make very sure that it will be a welcome addition.
The thrill of the hunt is what many collectors enjoy.

And did you know that often collectors are ready to stop adding to their collection but don’t know how to tell their loved ones?

If you no longer wish to add to a collection, share that information to stop the flow!

collecting and the collection trap

4 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Giving Tip – The Collection Trap

  1. Definitely agree, I am still storing some of my kids music box and Betty Boop collections and I am soooooo over my sunflower collection. Need to de-clutter them. lol Btw, frogs are adorable but no, I don’t want any.

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