Now is the time to take advantage of being stuck inside! With the cold and winds, what a great opportunity to put away your holiday decor. Let’s make it even better! What is best way to pack up Christmas to reduce your stress next year?

Clutter-free ChristmasBlending your holiday decor with your every day

When putting up your holiday decorations do you find you need to pack up lots of your day-to-day accessories? Unless you are more of a minimalist like I have become, most folks have to pack decor away to make room for the holiday decor.

If that was you, hold up a sec!

Give thought to each item as you replace it in your living space.

Before you start returning your everyday decor to its place, reassess. What accessories and knickknacks still really add to your space?  Do you have them on display out of habit or obligation? It’s OK move some if not many of those decor items straight to the Goodwill box.

The broken light string in the room

Now that your plastic tote boxes are empty, take a moment to think about the holiday decor items you are getting ready to put away.

Spend a little more time packing up and storing holiday items for next year’s use.

  • Is it broken?
  • Is it functioning?
  • Do you even want it anymore?

Assess whether you truly love them. Maybe you have simply amassed them! Take a critical eye to your assortment of ornaments, light strings, wreaths and other items.  If they are no longer in their prime or don’t bring you joy, chuck ’em.

Make room for the sentimental

I know you, like me, cherish the handmade ornaments the kids made over the years. You have those baby’s first Christmas ornaments and  the nativity scene that was under Mom and Dad’s tree when you were a kid.

By clearing out all those other decor items that don’t hold your heart — the grab bag ornaments, the tinsel that you hate to clean up every year — you make more room at your hearth and in your home for your beloved holiday memories. ​

And as a bonus? You get a less stressful holiday next year, and beyond.