No matter your home owner status, it is likely you have a Honey Do List. The endless list of chores and repairs that need to be addressed can seem endless.

You might be a DYI expert or you might need to line up your local handy person to get the job done. But no matter your approach, the one thing you need to do is prioritize the tasks.

From a Feng Shui perspective Leaking Plumbing would be your top priority if cash flow is your issue. Money, also called currency flows like water and leaky plumbing and dripping faucets can be experienced in your life as loss of income or income that goes out as fast as it comes in.

Squeaking hinges, floors or stairs might be experienced as constant complaints, either yours or those you live and work with. If lots of arguing is happening in your home you might want to tackle those annoying squeaks first.

Windows that are broken or cracked can affect the eyes. Symbolically in Feng Shui windows are the "eyes" of your home. Fix your windows to "see clearly". If you are lacking a vision for your future, clean your windows. Stuck windows can also mirror frustration happening in your life.

Not sure how to prioritize your Honey Do List…let’s talk