A time of transition in life is a time of opportunity for all. Families with school-aged kids can benefit from a few simple back-to-school feng shui tips to improve your and build the path for success for the rest of the school year.

A Desk with a View

Desks should face the door whenever possible, in order to see what is coming. Provide plenty of light: a good desk lamp, access to a bright window and overhead light as well. If you can’t face the desk towards the door, you can face it towards positive and uplifting artwork. If possible, have a solid wall behind you as you sit at your desk to provide support.

If there’s no room for your child to study in their room, try to create a designated study area in the house for her. The dining room table is not ideal.

Where They Study

Feng Shui CT Bagua Joan LawTake a good look at the Bagua Map. The map is orientated based on the door of the home, or the door of the room. Can you help orient your child’s work space to ensure their work area lands in an area of Wisdom, Creativity, or, possibly even Career?

Ensuring your student’s work/study area aligns with the most appropriate parts of the Bagua map will boost their success in their studies.

Create a Display

Near the work station, create a bulletin board or display showcasing report cards, awards, artwork, citations and other successes. Include a happy and uplifting family photo or two. This area creates a positive message of love and support and reminds the student of their success and abilities.

Make a space for school materials.

When kids come home then need an organized place to hang their coats and place their lunchboxes, backpacks and books. Give them a storage.

Do you have a designated spot but find things are land somewhere else? Bingo! Try setting your system up for success. Create a space where things are naturally collecting.  This tip comes straight from one of my favorite books, Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern.

Get Clutter under Control

On a regular basis, help them to ensure the work area is tidy.  Clutter represents blockages, the inability to move forward. Be sure your child has plenty of appropriate storage and can put items away before studying.  They should throw away old papers and notes and organize files. Feng Shui says that de-cluttering the bedroom and/or study space will give education luck a positive and immediate boost.

Bring on the fish!

feng shui for back to schoolKids are always begging for a pet– so let them have some! In Feng Shui, fish represent abundance and prosperity. Be sure to consider the bagua map (or contact me for a consultation) on where to place this auspicious Feng Shui tool. And let the kids learn a sense of responsibility for their beautiful new pets.

Move the electronics

Computers and other devices transmit electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that are harmful to humans. Cut down on your family’s exposure to EMFs by locating computers and devices far from the bed and shutting them down at night. Living plants help to absorb EMFs as well.

Want more strategies for a successful school year? Drop me a line for an one hour, in-home consultation.