Speaking up can be Scary

How to Have Tough Conversations with Confidence, Kindness and Resolve with Nancy Burger

Speaking up can be scary. The simple act of saying “no,” can trigger a list of fears that run the gamut from judgement and retribution to hostility, ugly social media rants and everything in between. If I say no, people might not like me. They’ll think I”m difficult, selfish, unwilling to help, lazy, or that I don’t like them.

How many times have you lied to a friend when they invited you somewhere you didn’t want to go with people you don’t particularly like…and have made up an excuse to avoid disappointing them?

What fear prevents you from speaking truth? What would it feel like if you could unpack the fear and learn from it so you can lean into your courageous self and decline the invitation with kindness and honesty?

Please join us as Nancy guides us through the steps to have these difficult conversations. More information on Nancy can be found at her website – https://nancyrburger.com


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