Feng Shui – Gift Giving Tips for a Covid-19 Holiday

Our holiday celebrations are looking very different this year, including gift giving. Here is a quick tip for the collectors in your life.

Don’t assume a collector wants more of the same

If you are giving a gift to add to someone’s collection, make very sure that it will be a welcome addition.

The thrill of the hunt is what many collectors enjoy. And, hunting online may be their current happy place. They may have already found what they’ve been looking for.

And, did you know that long-time collectors may be content with what they have but don’t know how to tell their loved ones?

Are you the collector who really doesn’t want one more cute frog?

Make sure you share that information to stop the flow!

collecting and the collection trap

4 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Giving Tip – The Collection Trap

  1. Definitely agree, I am still storing some of my kids music box and Betty Boop collections and I am soooooo over my sunflower collection. Need to de-clutter them. lol Btw, frogs are adorable but no, I don’t want any.

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