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Joan Law

Hi. I’m Joan Law. I’m a professional Feng Shui consultant and clutter clearing expert based in Stratford, Connecticut.

Over the years, I’ve heard every kind of response when I tell people I do feng shui, from “what’s that??” to “Oh really???”

Do you know which responses I like hearing? The words of my clients saying, time and again: “JOAN’S WAY WORKS. “

I know from experience that how we feel affects our environment and our environment affects how we feel. In our own home, my husband, Steve, is an architect. His approach to space and building is often about efficiency, logic and numbers.

So, you can imagine how he felt when I told him: Hey honey! I think we need to drop a large boulder into our front yard in order to increase success in our lives. But we did it, and we all love that boulder! The dogs and the kids, especially!

Beyond the Boulder

Most feng shui solutions in your home or business will be modest (probably not boulders). I strive to use items you already have. I get to know you and how you like to approach tasks. In tasks that involve removing items, I will help you pack them up and donate them for re-use.

Whether you want to downsize, declutter a room, or stage your home for sale, let me show you how the principles of Feng Shui can help. I will rearrange your space in a meaningful way that supports your goals: building your business, improving your relationships with family and friends, or just achieving better health and life.

More about me

Steve and I have four awesome kids, two rowdy dogs, and an imperfect home of our own where I’m always tweaking things! I’ve been practicing and teaching feng shui, decluttering and organizing homes for over 18 years.


I’m a proud, certified member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

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