When you or you family member is ready for downsizing your home, don’t wait to ask for help. It’s here.

Everyone from empty nesters to young families wants to downsize. You know why. Here’s how.

Downsizing can happen at any stage of life. It’s the desire to live more simply and happily with less. It can be a scary process when adult children have to help parents out of their beloved home.

 We approach the task with determination and compassion.

At Feng Shui Joan’s Way, we take the big task of downsizing your home in hand. We help you look at your belongings with clarity. We approach the task systematically, getting to know you and the needs of your new life.

Letting go of decorations, books, memorabilia, and even clothes can be emotional. Joan will be there with you every step of the way to move you out from under your stuff and into a simpler life.

Ready to make the move? Want some help downsizing a family home?

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What our client’s say:

Moving parents to assisted living
Joan played a critical role in the preparation and sale of our family home in CT. She managed every aspect of the project which was multi-phase and spanned 6 months. Her array of services included de-cluttering and staging the house for sale; providing access to her extensive network of qualified professionals for repairs and staging and assisted in presenting real estate brokers for consideration in the sale of the home. She managed and led the project from start to finish which freed me up to handle the details for moving my 91 year old mother to assisted living. We could not have navigated all the details of a project of this magnitude without her!” — Sue