As a working mom, I have so little time to spend on my home. I first called Joan three years ago to help me with a few rooms – including my young son’s bedroom, which had gotten so cluttered with toys and books, and our entryway which always felt awkward. Joan was amazing – it was like working with an organizer, coach, healer, therapist, and designer all at once. In a short period of time, she helped us clear out the clutter and made improvements in these spaces (using items we already had) that completely changed the energy of these rooms.

A health concern prompted me to call Joan again last month. My home office was really out of control — I’d convinced myself “the clutter didn’t bother me” yet I knew I couldn’t keep putting it off any longer. I needed to change my space to support a healthier lifestyle. After we finished that office, I suddenly felt lighter – I realized how much energy it had taken me to “block out” the clutter each day so I could focus on my work. I was spending several hours a day in a room that was just weighing me down and holding me back. Now, I work in a room that inspires me. That’s when I decided to schedule time with Joan on a regular basis, with the goal of working through the entire house – from attic to basement to garage and everything in between.

Our appointments keep me motivated to tackle things on my own in between sessions, and we make tremendous strides with each visit. I am so excited to see where this leads me. I’ve learned that while Joan is really great for quick fixes on problem rooms, she really shines as a partner for long-term goals.  #parenting #fengshuitips

― Kara