Joan and I met thru a friend at a time when I really needed to feel balance in my life and in my home. I had recently transitioned from working full-time outside the home to running my own business and simultaneously had been diagnosed with Cancer. You don’t need to fall into either category to utilize Joan’s services. I have two young children and just felt a shift in my home that needed to be made and it wasn’t buying new furniture this time. The energy needed to feel different! Enter Joan! Open to trying just about anything, she helped me re purpose existing furniture, open up rooms, make spaces more calming and remove the visual clutter. We talked about the things that mattered most to me and focused on those areas of my home. If you are feeling ‘stuck’ or looking for a way to love your home again, please consider calling Joan. Thank you Joan, for helping me love the inside of my home again!


― Melissa – Getting “Unstuck”