FSJW is all About Creating Positive Outcomes in Life and Work with Feng Shui

Image of Joan Law of Feng Shui Joan's Way
Joan Law is a certified Feng Shui consultant based in Stratford, CT.

Joan Law is a certified Feng Shui consultant and clutter clearing expert based in Stratford, Connecticut. She has been practicing and teaching Feng Shui, decluttering and organizing space throughout her home state, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts for more than eighteen years. And she has a loyal client base who firmly believe that “Joan’s Way” works!

Feng Shui Joan’s Way (FSJW) utilizes Feng Shui principles to help clients in the following categories:

Clutter Clearing

Real Estate Staging

Home, Apartment, and/or Office Space Planning

  • Design Consultation
  • Architectural Services

Downsizing (Empty Nesters, Retirees, Widowers)

Wellness (Feng Shui Counsel)


  • Private Tutoring and Group Workshops

FSJW services are available to homeowners, renters, college students (dorm rooms), assisted living residences, and businesses.

Feng Shui without Intention is Decorating

Joan is often asked if I she is an interior decorator.

Joan says, “Not really. Manipulating space in a home or office without intention is decorating.  Decorating introduces furnishings, fabrics, and art to embellish a space. And these decorative elements are employed to reflect a particular artistic taste.

Don’t get me wrong, decorating is a good thing. But, combining Feng Shui principals to one’s view of a space establishes a road map to create functional environments on an emotional as well as visual plain. The Feng Shui process begins with intention. Knowing what changes you would like to make in your life and why you wish to make those changes is all a part of the process.

Creating a positive life and work environment empowers you to move ahead with your goals. Together we will tackle the changes needed in your home or business – changes designed to influence your sense of harmony and success across all areas of your life.

The nuances of Feng Shui are many. That is why, as a certified Feng Shui practitioner, I begin my journey with you by taking the time to understand the challenges you face and the outcomes you wish to achieve. I invite you to read a recent Natural Awakenings article, Healing Rooms: Making Room for Sustainable Self-care with Feng Shui, that I contributed to.

Time and again clients report, my common-sense approach to managing and organizing space encouraged positive outcomes in their life and work.

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