I had been curious about Feng Shui and decided to take a course with Joan. It was both informative and enlightening. Joan really knows her field and was very helpful in teaching us about the various sections of the home and how to impact each one in the most positive way. As a realtor, I … Continue reading Patti


Just wanted to say thanks for coming to my classroom on Friday and putting a new perspective on things. I kept feeling very overwhelmed with the new space. By simply clearing off the tables, it helped the room feel more open and we were able to get a sense of where things belong. The room … Continue reading Feng Shui for the Classroom

Feng Shui for the Classroom

“As a family therapist for over 40 years, I’m well aware of how important a person’s homebase environment is to their mental and relational health. “I’m also aware that most of us suffer from an accumulation of extra stuff that clutters our lives and our homes. Decluttering the environment requires time; it also requires making decision after decision. … Continue reading Orna


Many folks would like to move into our community, but they feel overwhelmed at the thought of sorting their stuff, deciding what to keep, and letting go of some possessions. When one of our residents mentioned how helpful Joan was in helping her with this process and with successfully staging her home with items that … Continue reading Theresa


Working with Joan has truly taught me how our environment can impact our health and harmony in life. Joan has a way of putting you at ease and is highly encouraging, she always keeps me focused on my goals which in turn keeps me feeling excited about the process of creating a clutter free home … Continue reading Julie


Joan and I met thru a friend at a time when I really needed to feel balance in my life and in my home. I had recently transitioned from working full-time outside the home to running my own business and simultaneously had been diagnosed with Cancer. Now, you don't need to fall into either category … Continue reading Melissa


I wanted to let you know that since we took the pool table out, everything you said came to pass.  I remember you mentioned how freeing up that space would allow my daughter to play in there while I worked. That’s exactly  what she’s doing these days. She brought ALL her stuffed animals in there, and now … Continue reading Olimpia


I have been working with Joan for over a year now and I recommend her to everyone. While she is here she is always planting little seeds of wisdom that stick with me and I enjoy sharing them with others. She often makes small adjustments to furniture while she is here that completely transition the … Continue reading Bridget T.

Bridget T.

Not a day goes by that I don't say, "Thank you, Joan". After almost a year, I still winnow and eliminate things that I now know are truly unnecessary for me. I went to one of Joan's six week sessions, and the simple and nonjudgmental way of Joan's guiding her students have made me an … Continue reading Marie


Joan’s wisdom, compassion, and insight offered my family a valuable lesson regarding the impact our living environment has on all aspects of our life. Our home has become a haven where we can retreat and recharge. Joan serves as a gentle guide for those who are interested and motivated to make changes while gaining skills … Continue reading Sheila