59388115_2433286150035970_9010744587035082752_nI am in the process of getting my house ready to sell. It’s a huge process!! I wanted to give a shout out to Joan of Feng Shui Joan’s Way. She is helping me get rid of 40 years of stuff. In her gentle way, she’s guiding me thru the process of letting go. Even my partner Peter is doing it & he’s more of a pack rat than me. I’m hoping for a quick sale so we can downsize and start our new adventure!!

Theresa – Home Staging

As a working mom, I have so little time to spend on my home. I first called Joan three years ago to help me with a few rooms – including my young son’s bedroom, which had gotten so cluttered with toys and books, and our entryway which always felt awkward. Joan was amazing – it was like working with an organizer, coach, healer, therapist, and designer all at once. In a short period of time, she helped us clear out the clutter and made improvements in these spaces (using items we already had) that completely changed the energy of these rooms.

A health concern prompted me to call Joan again last month. My home office was really out of control — I’d convinced myself “the clutter didn’t bother me” yet I knew I couldn’t keep putting it off any longer. I needed to change my space to support a healthier lifestyle. After we finished that office, I suddenly felt lighter – I realized how much energy it had taken me to “block out” the clutter each day so I could focus on my work. I was spending several hours a day in a room that was just weighing me down and holding me back. Now, I work in a room that inspires me. That’s when I decided to schedule time with Joan on a regular basis, with the goal of working through the entire house – from attic to basement to garage and everything in between.

Our appointments keep me motivated to tackle things on my own in between sessions, and we make tremendous strides with each visit. I am so excited to see where this leads me. I’ve learned that while Joan is really great for quick fixes on problem rooms, she really shines as a partner for long-term transformational goals.Kara


Joan has worked on our home and my office and she is amazing!!! I am a Holistic Pediatrician in Milford and she has helped transform my office space. I asked her to help bring in openness and more flow and she did just that. We just redid the kitchen at my office and now my staff is able to eat in there. I can go on and on…Joan knows me so well and my family and is the only person I trust when I feel like something is stuck. Call her now!!!! You will not regret it!!!  https://www.preferredpediatricsofct.com/


Home and Office in the Flow

After a double session (feng shui consultation) with Joan, I feel 50 pounds lighter! Stressful clutter had paralyzed me. She didn’t do it for me– she did it with me, which made me part of the decisions and perhaps even capable of managing better going forward!

Mary Beth

Joan is very gentle, sweet and knowledgeable. She can bring organization to your environment by helping you declutter that will change your life in ways you can’t imagine!

Feng Shui feels like magic but it’s real!

I have followed Joan for many years now, she is super sweet, not judgmental. She gives you advice on how to fix different spots in your home, which in turn fixes your life situations. We have followed her advice and truly live by Feng Shui no questions asked, would not have it any other way!


I took one of Joan’s 5 week classes on Feng Shui and I came away with so much insight regarding what I chose to surround myself with. She showed me how the things in your home, office, etc. really do impact your life on many different levels. Clutter is not just a pile of stuff that needs to get put away or thrown away. I have learned to remove clutter with the intention of making specific changes in my life, health, creativity, wealth, etc. I am also conscious about anything new that I bring into my home and I make sure it has good energy and doesn’t represent anything negative. As Joan says…. Feng Shui is acupuncture for your home. I sincerely believe that Joan is “the house whisperer.” Thank you Joan.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I had Joan to my home for a Feng Shui consultation I must say that the visit changed so many things for me in such unexpected ways. By asking me what seemed to be simple questions Joan helped me to see my home from a different perspective, from my perspective. Feng Shui Joan’s way stays with you long after Joan leaves- I am becoming more intentional, more purposeful when looking at my home. I really appreciated that Joan is hands-on, helping me move a couch and ready to rearrange entire rooms! Joan has led me to understand Feng Shui as a means of self-exploration. Through our home consultation and a Vision Board Workshop I have the understanding of how the set-up of my home influences my thoughts and actions and how I can make positive changes by thoughtfully looking at color and intentionally arraigning my belongings. I highly recommend Feng Shui Joan’s Way.


feng shui value package Feng shuiI highly recommend working with Joan for assistance with organizing and de-cluttering projects. I hired her after coming to a stand still with going through my mothers home after she passed away. I had a basement full of 30+ years of my moms possessions that were just overwhelming to deal with on my own. She worked with me over two sessions and her professional demeanor and calm nature neutralized the anxieties I had. We accomplished so much and it gave me the start I needed to make the space manageable. She had great tips and input for my space and personal items related to her knowledge of Feng Shui that added to the experience and made my home more suitable for me.