I wanted to let you know that since we took the pool table out, everything you said came to pass.  I remember you mentioned how freeing up that space would allow my daughter to play in there while I worked. That’s exactly  what she’s doing these days. She brought ALL her stuffed animals in there, and now … Continue reading Olimpia


I have been working with Joan for over a year now and I recommend her to everyone. While she is here she is always planting little seeds of wisdom that stick with me and I enjoy sharing them with others. She often makes small adjustments to furniture while she is here that completely transition the … Continue reading Bridget T.

Bridget T.

Not a day goes by that I don't say, "Thank you, Joan". After almost a year, I still winnow and eliminate things that I now know are truly unnecessary for me. I went to one of Joan's six week sessions, and the simple and nonjudgmental way of Joan's guiding her students have made me an … Continue reading Marie


Joan’s wisdom, compassion, and insight offered my family a valuable lesson regarding the impact our living environment has on all aspects of our life. Our home has become a haven where we can retreat and recharge. Joan serves as a gentle guide for those who are interested and motivated to make changes while gaining skills … Continue reading Sheila


"Joan played a critical role in the preparation and sale of our family home in CT. She managed every aspect of the project which was multi-phase and spanned 6 months. Her array of services included de-cluttering and staging the house for sale; providing access to her extensive network of qualified professionals for repairs and staging … Continue reading Sue


"As a Realtor, Joan is everything that I could want in a business partner. She is kind, flexible, forthright, punctual, and reliable. Her sense of space and style are wonderfully refined without being pretentious, and she interacts with my clients showing the same care that I would myself."


"Joan came to my home and helped me with the beginning stages of taking back the energy of my home. With a 5-year old, husband, dog, and a grandmother living in our small 2-bedroom home, things had quickly gotten out of control. Joan helped to both motivate me to finally act on the stuff I … Continue reading Christy


"My home feels more aligned and powerful. It's a space we all finally feel happy in. When we changed up the abundance areas in the home, so much abundance flowed through in every way. When we changed around my office, I really believe it has made a HUGE difference to my business & how grounded I … Continue reading Muneeza


“Our house had been on the market for five months. We hadn’t received any offers until Joan came into our home with Feng Shui. We are waiting to hear back on an offer tomorrow!”


“My husband used to hate being in our living room. Joan came in and made suggestions based on her expertise. Now it’s his favorite room in the house.”

Denise P.