The Feng Shui Joan’s Way Consultation Process

Discover how Feng Shui Principals can Impact your Life

Feng Shui Joan’s Way Consultations can be activated via an easy five step process. As a certified Feng Shui consultant, Joan Law utilizes Feng Shui principals to encourage positive impact in your life. Based in Stratford, Connecticut, she provides services that include decluttering, downsizing, real estate staging, design consultation, and architectural services.

These services are available to homeowners, renters, college students (dorm rooms), assisted living residences, and businesses. Joan has been practicing and teaching Feng Shui, decluttering and organizing space throughout Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts for more than eighteen years.

Joan is also available for private tutoring or group workshops about the fascinating and powerful practice of Feng Shui. She presents a number of Feng Shui related events each year. Feng Shui classes, downsizing workshops or other private events can be customized for you in your space or virtually. Guests may attend events for a nominal fee. Many events and services are also available at no added charge or at reduced rates for clients who join the Ask Joan Hotline.

How does a Feng Shui Joan’s Way consultation work?

  1. Interested parties connect with Joan via this CONTACT FORM-QUESTIONAIRE.
  2. Joan then connects with folks interested in her services via phone to discuss a consultation fee (dependent on the type and scope of work required).
  3. Joan then meets with a client in person or virtually to get to know them and their space. A clear understanding of project motivation provides the insight necessary for Joan to help clients achieve their goals.
  4. Clients receive a recommendation or plan to implement. Joan can also assist with implementation when needed.
  5. Joan will maintain contact with clients for two months following project completion via email or text for clarity, feedback, and updates.

Joan says:

“How we feel affects our environment and our environment affects how we feel. It is my mission in life to help others find that happy place in their lives. That is why I love hearing my clients report, time and again: JOAN’S WAY WORKS.

Joan Law Bio Pic Headshot

I do speak from personal experience. My husband, Steve, is an architect who naturally approaches space and building with efficiency, logic and numbers.

So, you can imagine how he felt when I told him we needed to drop a large boulder into our front yard in order to increase success in our lives.

While we love our boulder for many reasons, the dogs and the kids, especially, proper placement of objects is a common “cure” in Feng Shui. The Law home is located on a “T” intersection. The boulder creates a sense of safety by providing a barrier between oncoming traffic and our home.

Most Feng Shui solutions in your home or business will be modest (probably not boulders). My mission is to help you create a space that impacts your life in positive ways. We do that together by establishing a trustful working relationship.  Learning about you and how you like to approach tasks allows us to find the best way to change or enhance your environment.

Whether you want to downsize, declutter a room, or stage your home for sale, let me show you how the principles of Feng Shui can help. Together we will manage your space in a meaningful way to support your goals: building your business, improving your relationships with family and friends, or just achieving better health and life.”   Joan Law

International Feng Shui Guild          National End-of-Life-Doula Alliance

A proud, certified member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

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