Make a Connection that can Change your Life!

Contact Feng Shui Joan’s Way. Explore how Feng Shui principals can help create positive change in your life. Joan Law is a certified Feng Shui Expert, Clutter Clearing Professional and Wellness Coach located in Stratford, Connecticut.

Ready to make life better? Have a question about Clutter Clearing, Downsizing, Real Estate Staging, Feng Shui, or End of Life Doula Services? Let’s schedule a consultation*. I would love to hear from you.

How does a Feng Shui Joan’s Way consultation work?

  1. Interested parties connect with Joan via the CONTACT FORM-QUESTIONAIRE below.
  2. Joan then connects with folks interested in her services via phone to discuss a consultation fee (dependent on the type and scope of work required).
  3. Joan then meets with a client in person or virtually to get to know them and their space. A clear understanding of project motivation provides the insight necessary for Joan to help clients achieve their goals.
  4. Clients receive a recommendation or plan to implement. Joan can also assist with implementation when needed.
  5. Joan will maintain contact with clients for two months following project completion via email or text for clarity, feedback, and updates.

*Consultations or private events can take place in your space or virtually.

Joan Law, Certified by International Feng Shui Guild          Joan Law, Certified by NEDA