Decluttering: More than Getting Rid of Stuff

By putting your home or business in order, you gain clarity in your life. Clutter isn’t just a problem of “things” and “stuff.” It impacts your mind and spirit.

“Do You Love It? Do You Need It?
Does It Support Your Goals?”

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, then the item in question is CLUTTER.

Why Clutter Clearing Matters

My clients say:
“I feel overwhelmed”
“I feel weighed down by my stuff”
“I feel embarrassed but I don’t know where to start.”

Clutter Causes Stress

That excess “stuff” you are living with? It bombards your mind with stimuli. Energy stagnates where clutter accumulates.

In a space overwhelmed with stuff, you may feel:

  • depressed
  • lethargic
  • unlucky
  • pessimistic or “stuck”

Your clutter can — and does — affect your mood. It affects your ability to complete projects and to make clear decisions.

How the Joan’s Way Process Works

I work to ensure your space fulfills its best use and brings you comfort. Our ultimate goal is to create a space that positively impacts you in the long-term.

Step One: Assess the space you want to de-clutter and organize. We discuss why you accumulated the items and why you want to keep what you want to keep.

Step Two: Make a plan together for how you want to space to work for you.

Step Three: Get our hands dirty — together. Asking the questions: “Do you love It?” “Do you need it?” “Does it support your goals?” we carefully review objects, sorting and moving stuff out.

Step Four: Integrate the time-honored principles of Feng Shui when returning your objects to a room.

This is Why Clutter Clearing “Joan’s Way” Works


It is not about buying storage containers and labeling bins. The “Joan’s Way” approach takes time with your precious objects. We promote a mindful experience toward the “stuff” you have collected over time.

Using this technique:

  • increases positive energy
  • improves clarity of purpose
  • activates positive thinking and optimism
  • makes room for new opportunities and successes
  • maintains cleared spaces for longer

Ready to Clear Your Clutter?

You may still be nervous or not sure, and that’s totally normal.
Go ahead and drop me a line, anyway. Book a consult with me or ask a question. I want to help you get started renewing your space – today.

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