Joan Law, Feng Shui Joan’s Way has Garnered 44 Five-star Google Reviews!

Bev M.

Working with Joan is fun! I subscribe to ‘Ask Joan’ and the first consultation gave me so many things to think about! I loved how she explained everything and answered all my questions (I am a detail girl!). She gave me suggestions that I tried, and it helped repurpose space in my house to be better utilized. It feels so good to be moving towards more efficient spaces while clearing out some things I realized that did not matter to us. I can call (and have!) anytime as I move forward, and she offers her expertise. Do yourself a favor, you deserve it, call Joan, and allow her to help your vision become clear!

Ken S., Realtor

As a Realtor, Joan is everything that I could want in a business partner. She is kind, flexible, forthright, punctual, and reliable. Her sense of space and style are wonderfully refined without being pretentious, and she interacts with my clients showing the same care that I would myself.

When you’re in business for yourself, all you ultimately have is your reputation. I trust Joan with mine for all of my new listings, and that trust has never been misplaced – she has become an essential companion for preparing homes for sale!

Bill O.

I do not know how to write a review for a person who has done so much for me. I am a mid-50’s widower who was totally lost as to how to even start to downsize. Joan stuck with me through my most difficult days and always knew the best solution to challenges I was facing. For example, I wanted to donate my wife’s clothes to someone truly in need. Joan suggested a half-way house for women just getting out of prison…PERFECT! So for me, bottom-line, MY MONEY COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER SPENT! THANK YOU, JOAN!

Coral S.

We worked with Joan when we were preparing to put our home on the market. She was so incredibly helpful and made our home look great in photos and showings. She helped us decide what to pack up and how to arrange our existing furnishings and decor to make the house look just right. It was amazing! She is exceedingly kind and takes time to get to know the space and family. I hope to consult with her again, this time when I move into a new space. Thanks Joan!

Liz M.

Joan took “me” on as a project. Lucky her! Actually lucky me!! We worked together on my office. There was too much stuff for the small space. While there is still too much stuff (due to closing another office then selling our house and cleaning out a home office and basement storage for my office materials!), Joan has created needed functionality. The space now actually welcomes me when I enter. I and my space are still a work in progress, but Joan has great ideas, is kind but firm, smart and collaborative. Hire her for your house, office, etc., etc. She will make your life better in all ways!

Fatima M.

Joan has been amazing. She has really helped me to realize what I need to do to go ahead with my own business. I LOVE my profession, but I had passed through many obstacles over the last 5 years. With her help, I am now having a breakthrough and I really appreciate the support Joan has given me. I am incredibly grateful.

Nancy B.

Joan brings her own, unique approach to Feng Shui with extensive knowledge, expertise, and patience. More than a service provider, she connects with her clients in a meaningful way by remaining sensitive to their needs while providing gentle encouragement and goal-setting. Joan understands and respects the attachments we cultivate with our “stuff” and is able to help clients move through these attachments to transform their living spaces. I highly recommend.

Tara S., Realtor

I have worked with Joan many times with staging/organizations. She has a great eye and knows exactly what needs to be done to get a home sold.

Laura G.

Joan was wonderful! She helped me clean out the clutter that had accumulated in my parent’s house over 26 years. Then she staged the house for selling. The rooms really became airy, bright, and inviting. The house sold within 3 days of going on the market. Thank you, Joan I couldn’t have done it without you!

Kate P.

Full of knowledge on Feng Shui and can help you declutter, organize, prioritize, and reset! I highly recommend Joan.

Ro A.

Joan was one of my first phone calls after moving into a new home. She helped me with proper placement of objects like mirrors, furniture placement, and artwork. Joan is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with! If you are feeling as if you need a shift…I strongly suggest working with Joan. I have been consulting with Joan for months now and often texting and or video chatting to ask for suggestions. Her services are well worth it, and we are incredibly happy that she is committed to her client’s long term!!

I would strongly recommend Feng Shui Joan’s Way to anyone!!

Well worth the investment!!

Judy C.

Joan helped me a few years ago when I was completely overwhelmed with all the “stuff” in my house.
I gave some of my “stuff” away to someone that was in need. It made me feel really good to be able to help someone that needed the things that I did not. I took some pictures of items that I wanted to remember but had no use for.

Clearing out some “stuff” was a big relief.

Joan is a very caring and understanding person and she helped me through a very difficult time. She has helped me with many questions I have asked of her over the past few years.

For Example, I had a picture of water hanging over my bed which she recommended I move to a different space and I purchased an outdoor statue in needed help with. I called to ask Joan about best placement in my yard. I sent her pictures and she replied immediately.

Joan has a broad understanding of Feng Shui and has made a very positive influence in my life.

Thank you, Joan for all you do for me and everyone you come in contact with.

Karen S.

Joan has a gift for quietly assessing the energy in any room; she then shares her recommendations in a gentle, professional manner. Some of the simplest changes can yield astonishing results. I absolutely love my new space and I highly recommend Feng Shui Joan’s Way!

Alicia S.

Joan was so helpful when we needed to clear out things in my mom’s house. She was professional and efficient, yet very respectful, empathetic, and caring in what could have been an overwhelming and stressful experience. She is very calming, and she is a great listener! Making decisions as to what to keep and what to let go of is not easy. But Joan was a guiding presence especially when I had time constraints. Her sense of humor and practical guidance made this process go much more smoothly than I had anticipated. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone needing help with their own home, or in helping with an elderly relative’s home.


Thank you, Joan! I have always known that I was affected by my work environment, “messy desk-cluttered thinking”, but I didn’t make the connection at home until I connected with Joan. When our home wasn’t feeling the way we wanted it to feel we couldn’t put our finger on why and what to do. Joan came to the rescue, using her Feng Shui expertise to help us create flow and space in our home to make our home feel like the home we needed and wanted.

Whether it was creating an office for more productive work at home, or a space designed to help bring our family closer together, Joan’s tips for re-organization have worked!

Now, as our kids have moved out and we’re making our way into retirement, it’s time for a major de-cluttering and we’ll be doing it with Feng Shui Joan’s Way!

Diana A.

Thanks so much for the virtual Feng Shui consultation. It was very helpful to shift things around while we are home and feel the difference it made. Looking forward to doing again in person. Thanks, Joan!

Kate D.

I was renovating my office and Joan helped me determine the best layout – and encouraged me to “clean house” a bit. She invested time in understanding how I work, and I am thrilled with how the office turned out. I have a sleek, peaceful, functional space that enhances my ability to concentrate and contemplate. Thank you, Joan!

Erin L.

Joan is personable and professional. She takes time to understand the costumer’s needs, expectations, and challenges. She is knowledgeable and passionate. I would recommend her services and expertise to anyone looking to make improvements in their space and those seeking greater understanding of the energetic impact of implementing Feng Shui principles.

Bob A.

My office environment was hardly organized. Sure, I was productive, or so I thought. But with piles of papers, stacks of files, etc., my work area was limited to a small clear area on an otherwise cluttered desk. Every horizontal surface was covered in clutter and “important” stuff. In just a couple of hours, Joan was able to turn chaos into calm. Out went the distractions, and up went my productivity. And now, a few weeks later, I’ve been able to maintain a clutter-free workplace. My only regret is that I didn’t reach out to Joan sooner! Highly recommended!

Stephanie L.

I have been wanting Joan to come to my home for years now and finally made an appointment. The house needed minor tweaks, but her suggestions have made a world of difference in how we feel in the house. It must be an energy thing because the furniture remains the same, yet some not so obvious changes have been made and there isn’t a person that’s come into our home since the changes who hasn’t commented on how beautiful our home is. Just wow. I can’t wait to have her come to my business!

Renato R.

Joan has worked on our home and my office and she is amazing!!! I am a Holistic Pediatrician in Milford and she has helped transform my office space. I asked her to help bring in openness and more flow and she did just that. We just re-did the kitchen at my office and now my staff is able to eat in there. I can go on and on…Joan knows me so well and my family and is the only person I trust when I feel like something is stuck. Call her now!!!! You will not regret it!!!

Debi C.

Joan has the patience and expertise to work in every environment and every atmosphere. Beyond resourceful as well.

Evan S.

Joan did an amazing job getting our house ready to go on the market in Stratford. We ended up completely rearranging a few rooms and made some minor tweaks to others that really brought out the best in the house. She helped move furniture and everything!

We contacted her a couple weeks before we wanted to put the house up for sale, which was cutting it close, but she was able to squeeze us in on a weekend and then come back again in the evening another night.

The photos turned out amazing! We had many showings booked and received multiple offers within the first 5 days of being on the market. Unfortunately the first buyer fell-through but we put the house back on the market and got multiple offers again within 2 days!

Lauren C.

I highly recommend working with Joan for assistance with organizing and de-cluttering projects. I hired her after coming to a stand-still while going through my mother’s home after she passed away. I had a basement full of 30+ years of my mom’s possessions that were just overwhelming to deal with on my own. She worked with me over two sessions and her professional demeanor and calm nature neutralized the anxieties I had. We accomplished so much, and it gave me the start I needed to make the space manageable. She had great tips and input for my space and personal items related to her knowledge of feng shui that added to the experience and made my home more suitable for me. Thanks so much for everything Joan O’Brien Law! 

Kara F.

As a working mom, I have so little time to spend on my home. I first called Joan three years ago to help me with a few rooms – including my young son’s bedroom, which had gotten so cluttered with toys and books, and our entryway which always felt awkward.

Joan was amazing – it was like working with an organizer, coach, healer, therapist, and designer all at once. In a short period of time, she helped us clear out the clutter and made improvements in these spaces (using items we already had) that completely changed the energy of these rooms.

A health concern prompted me to call Joan again. My home office was really out-of-control. I had convinced myself “the clutter didn’t bother me” yet I knew I couldn’t keep putting it off any longer. I needed to change my space to support a healthier lifestyle. After we finished that office, I suddenly felt lighter – I realized how much energy it had taken me to “block out” the clutter each day so I could focus on my work. I was spending several hours a day in a room that was just weighing me down and holding me back. Now, I work in a room that inspires me.

That’s when I decided to schedule time with Joan on a regular basis, with the goal of working through the entire house – from attic to basement to garage and everything in between. Our appointments keep me motived to tackle things on my own in between sessions, and we make tremendous strides with each visit. I am so excited to see where this leads me. I’ve learned, while Joan is really great for quick fixes on problem rooms, she really shines as a partner for long-term transformational goals.

Susan P.

Joan was masterful in helping me and my family prepare for, stage, and sell our family home in CT which we had owned for 55 years. These types of life transitions can be difficult and emotional but her centered and calm approach helped us easily part with a lot of “stuff” and keep only the items that held the most meaning. I would highly recommend Joan for any aspect of her service offering and guarantee you will be thrilled with the results! 

Julie C.

Working with Joan has truly taught me how our environment can impact our health and harmony in life. Joan has a way of putting you at ease and is highly encouraging, she always keeps me focused on my goals which in turn keeps me feeling excited about the process of creating a clutter free home which I love to be in. I have so much less anxiety about straightening up because it is so much easier to navigate. I love learning about Feng Shui and Joan’s expertise in the field has helped me to rearrange my home with purpose and intention. Thank you, Joan, for all of the incredible life shifts our family has and is continuing to experience. I would be happy to be a reference for you any day!

Bridget T.

I worked with Joan for over a year, and I recommend her to everyone. While working together she was always planting little seeds of wisdom that stuck with me and I enjoy sharing with others. She often makes small adjustments to furniture that completely transition the room! I genuinely appreciate her coming into my home and encouraging me to use what we have and donate what no longer serves us. I think everyone can benefit from looking at what they allow to take up space in their homes.

Sharon D.

I’ve known Joan for over 20 years and have nothing but positive words to say, on both personal and professional levels. She is kind, empathetic, and extremely knowledgeable in her profession. 

Elizabeth H.

Joan evaluated a space in my house that was bumming me out! She gave excellent advice on how to improve the feel of the room. My son and I were so inspired and went right to work! Thanks Joan!

Cindy B.

Joan is amazing! She is the missing piece in today’s real estate market for getting your home sold. She has an amazing eye and really knows how to stage a room for both pictures and in person viewings! Thanks for all your hard work!

Sheila D.

Joan’s wisdom, compassion, and insight offered my family a valuable lesson regarding the impact our living environment has on all aspects of our life. Our home has become a haven where we can retreat and recharge. Joan serves as a gentle guide for those who are interested and motivated to make changes while gaining skills on how to utilize Feng Shui. Joan’s skill set is professional, person-centered, influential, and nonjudgmental. She has helped us gain confidence in achieving a healthy, rewarding, and energizing life. We have utilized her services off and on for the past four years.

Marie R.

Not a day goes by that I don’t say, “Thank you, Joan”. After almost a year, I still winnow and eliminate things that I now know are truly unnecessary for me. I went to one of Joan’s six week sessions, and the simple and nonjudgmental way of Joan’s guiding her students have made me an advocate of decluttering. Whether you take one class or six, you will gain a new perspective on how to simplify many aspects of your life.

Bonnie R.

I have had excellent results with Joan in my client’s homes and in my own home! Joan has an eye for reworking what is already in your home and making it the best it can be. This is what you need if you are feeling overwhelmed or unhappy with your space. As a realtor, I use her for staging homes. This has proven time and again as a worthwhile investment for me and my clients. Kindhearted and professional, Joan will never judge you/your space/your things.

Tori L.

I have now attended 6 workshops led by Joan Law via the Holistic Mom’s Network. Even though some of them were repeats of previous workshops, I have learned something every time. I have also had Joan work with my husband and I on our home. She is very intuitive and has a quiet, kind way of redirecting you when she sees you practicing self-sabotage. Although she will give you her opinion – if you ask for it – she does not impose it upon you. Whether Joan is helping you through Feng Shui, vision boards or one of her other many talents, she will meet you where you are and go from there. What more could you ask for?

Teresa M.

I took one of Joan’s 5 week classes on Feng Shui and I came away with so much insight regarding what I chose to surround myself with. She showed me how the things in your home, office, etc. really do impact your life on many different levels. Clutter is not just a pile of stuff that needs to get put away or thrown away. I have learned to remove clutter with the intention of making specific changes in my life, health, creativity, wealth, etc. I am also conscious about anything new that I bring into my home and I make sure it has good energy and doesn’t represent anything negative. As Joan says…. Feng Shui is acupuncture for your home. I sincerely believe that Joan is “the house whisperer.” Thank you, Joan.

Tom L.

Joan starts to help make the little activities happen, subtly and almost immediately – but at pace you can handle. Then you step back at some point and realize all the little changes have made a big difference. Thank you!

Patti C., Realtor

I had been curious about Feng Shui and decided to take a course with Joan. It was both informative and enlightening. Joan really knows her field and was extremely helpful in teaching us about the various sections of the home and how to impact each one in the most positive way.

As a realtor, I understand the appeal of an uncluttered home. Her tips on how to approach your “stuff” are especially helpful when downsizing or dealing with the possessions of aging parents. If you are getting ready to put your home on the market or just want a more peaceful and refreshed environment, book Joan! You will be glad you did!

Susanne P.

Joan came to our apartment to help us position our furniture in our new space. We were feeling a little crowded in our bedroom but now it just feels lighter and cozier!! Thanks Joan!!

Denise P.

Joan is the best at what she does! She comes into your home and will non judgingly make suggestions on how to do your homework better. Whenever she comes to my home it is much more livable for everyone. She also has helped with the sale of our home and staging it. We were under contract in five days! Unbelievable.

Fern T.

Joan is very gentle, sweet, and knowledgeable. She can bring organization to your environment by helping you declutter that will change your life in ways you can’t imagine ! Feng Shui feels like magic but it’s real!

Jennifer K.

Working with Joan has been a wonderful experience. I first worked with her to do some clutter clearing and Feng Shui. When it came time to sell my house, I immediately called Joan to help stage it. My house looked great and sold in just over a week! Not only did Joan’s staging help to sell the house quick, but it made packing so much easier! I continue to work with Joan in my new house. Joan’s kind and patient manner make it so easy to work with her. I would highly recommend Joan and Feng Shui Joan’s way to anyone!

Renee C.

Joan helped us make the most out of our space and love our house again!

Alisande H.

Joan is the Best! Her kind non-judgmental disposition gently guides you through the process of understanding Feng Shui. She leaves you with a clear understanding of how clutter affects your daily life, in addition to giving clear concise doable recommendations!

― All Five-star Google Reviews for FSJW!