“As a family therapist for over 40 years, I’m well aware of how important a person’s homebase environment is to their mental and relational health.

“I’m also aware that most of us suffer from an accumulation of extra stuff that clutters our lives and our homes. Decluttering the environment requires time; it also requires making decision after decision. For those suffering from “decision fatigue,” the task may feel overwhelming.

“And so enters Joan Law of Feng Shui Joan’s Way, an expert with an uncanny ability to remake environments with minimal effort. Joan is not afraid to roll her sleeves up and do the work with her clients. In fact, Joan prefers that her clients do not declutter before she steps into their environment. She’ll do it with them.

“Before recommending Joan to my clients, I worked with her at my own house. In a couple of hours, one bedroom became spacious and airy. The grandchildren’s room was decluttered and rearranged quickly as well.

“Joan transformed a daunting and dreaded task into a pleasant afternoon the way she transforms work and home environments.

“As family therapists with system thinking and training, our work covers a lot of bases that affect our clients. The home and work environments are very important bases to cover.

“I recommend Joan Law to clients with full confidence that she will make a difference in their lives and make my work easier and more productive.

― Orna – Feng Shui and Mental Health