Using your Feng Shui eyes is pretty easy to do. It takes some basic Feng Shui knowledge, a heightened awareness of your surroundings and some practice.

How to Look at the Items in Your Home

To use your Feng Shui eyes in your home means to take a little closer look at the items in your home like paintings, knick knacks and furniture. It means taking a moment to ask “how does this item make me feel?” or “what message is this item sending me?”

When I used my Feng Shui eyes during a consultation I saw that my client, who happened to have a severe Gluten allergy, had a framed print hanging on her kitchen wall of the Wonder Bread Girl! It might seem obvious not to have an image in your home that constantly reminds you of the thing that makes you sick. But, it just goes to show how things in our home begin to be so familiar that we stop seeing them.

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