It is a vicious cycle: anxiety or depression can lead to a clutter​ed​ home. And a clutter​ed home can also lead to depression and more anxiety.

When we are caught up in this cycle of clutter and depression, we tend to do less about the house, which makes it even worse​.


But which came first really doesn’t matter. What matters is what we do next.

​More Bins Won’t Fix You

You ​will never be able to purchase enough coordinating storage bins, boxes and shelves to calm ​y​our environment.  To make a difference in ​you  home​ need to de​-​clutter enough so that ​you know what you have, where and why you have it and what value it adds to your life.

Tackling your stuff when you feel well is challenging enough but add the element of depression and anxiety and it can be a paralyzing task.

Here is where I can help. Let me guide and support you in the clutter clearing process.

As one client shared in her review:

  “Joan helped me de-clutter in a non-judgmental way. She made good suggestions, worked right along side me and left me comfortable with the result. She is remarkably calm.”​ — Kris M., Trumbull​

Clearing the Way

Clearing your clutter is not a magic pill. However, together with talk therapy, exercise, a healthy diet and quality sleep (and medication if needed), it WILL and make a difference. I can promise you that when you gain control over your space, you will feel less stress and increased peace.

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