I was feeling a bit obsessed and discovered I was not alone!

Honestly, the response to my newsletter blog from a few weeks ago, “When does a Behavior Become an Addiction?” was overwhelming.


I had no idea that a story about my own behavior becoming an addiction would resonate in such a positive way with so many others.

A Little Help from my Friends

In that blog, I volunteered that I was addicted to social media and was actively working to clear the “social media” clutter and the anxiety that it created from my mind and life.

Its working! And it is working because of the genuine support of like-minded friends and colleagues.

That step that I dreaded taking has been surprisingly easy. I think of the song from the Disney animated movie “Frozen” entitled “Let it Go”. I have and I feel great!  My Chi is happy, and I didn’t even mind this week’s snow.

I have to say that I am hearing similar stories from a significant number of folks. The rise of the pandemic and its terrible toll has had all of us evaluate and re-evaluate our lives. I do not know what the long game is. But I genuinely believe each of us can and will find our unique paths forward.

Speaking of paths forward. While my focus is helping people to identify and combat life challenges utilizing Feng Shui principles, I am discovering a wide range of related services that add value to the work I offer clients. I will update you on new services soon.

Turning my Negative Social Media Addiction into Positive and Productive Chi 

At the end of the day, all that negative social media energy is finding a highly positive direction to go in. Now when I think of all the time and energy I wasted on an unproductive obsession, I happily shout…LET IT GO!

Don’t forget, the services I provide can be life changing. Call or connect any time to discuss how I may be able to assist you with challenges you are facing.