How Real Estate Staging with a Feng Shui Twist Preps you and your House to Sell

What is Real Estate Staging?

Basically real estate staging is prepping your home for sale. You or your Realtor may hire a professional to stage the home to create more interest. This process can be as simple as removing clutter or as dramatic as fully re-decorating your home to set the stage for a quick and lucrative sale.

Staging with a Feng Shui Twist

A real estate staging with a Feng Shui twist takes a deeper look at the challenge. Sure, clearing clutter and a coat of paint may do the trick. But, more often than not, a seller or rooms in the house may be generating an energy that does not support the end goal of moving or change.

Sharon’s Story

Sharon, an FSJW client shares…

“I had been thinking and talking about downsizing for some time. I was at a place in my life where I knew that I needed to move forward from some significant life transitions, but just did not know how to start.

I was afraid and overwhelmed with the prospect of taking such a big step on my own. Preparing a home for sale and the tremendous amount of mental and physical effort it takes is ever so stressful.

With the current housing market being so strong, I realized I should think about getting serious. I hired Feng Shui Joan’s Way to help. At the outset, my end goal really was not to sell immediately. I just wanted to be able to go when I was ready.

Joan’s Way Helps!

Joan took the time to understand my unique circumstance and literally held my hand through every step of my journey.  She created an approach to the process that was thoughtful and supportive.

Hard choices need to be made when you are going through a lifetime of stuff. Figuring out what goes and what stays on your journey forward can be daunting. It is so much easier when you share this hard work with a friend. Joan becomes that friend.

Well I did put my house on the market, and it sold in three days and over the asking price. Even better, I am not weighted down anymore. I have my wings to fly! I love the stuff coming with me to my next home and I honestly do not miss the things I let go.

I simply could not have gotten through this effort without Joan by my side.

Take a look at one of our before and after photos. You can also see another client blog with photos HERE. The photos show the physical transformation. But remember, this is more than a physical exercise.

You can’t see my happy smile. Rest assured, it is there!”

Thanks for your story Sharon! You can also link to a PDF of Before and After Photos… FSJW-Before-After-Page-100-Nightingale-web.

Bedroom Before and After
FSJW Bedroom Before and After


Breezeway Before and After
FSJW Breezeway Before and After


Dining Room Before and After
FSJW Dining Room Before and After