Feng Shui Opens the Door to Powerful Relationships

Feng Shui opens the door to powerful relationships by showing us how to create environments that encourage positive engagement with the people in our lives.

A wide range of tools are available for Feng Shui practitioners to utilize in their work with clients.  I suspect most folks have seen this familiar image of the Bagua. Note the Love and Relationship area of this Bagua is circled.

Bagua Chart and Relationships

The Bagua is One of the Most Important Tools in Feng Shui

The Bagua is a visual map of how energy flows in our world. It is a key tool in Feng Shui study, and it offers a way to evaluate the energy in your environment.

Feng Shui is one of many ancient Asian philosophies that sought to understand how we could live in harmony with nature. And even today, Feng Shui principals are utilized by many of the world’s leaders. Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, is one of many successful people who have incorporated Feng Shui principals to plan and manage home and work environments.

Coupled with other Asian philosophies such as Yin and Yang and the Five Elements (wood, fireearthmetal, and water) it is believed that Feng Shui can have an impact on one’s success in both business and personal relationships.

The nuances of Feng Shui are intricate and many. That is why, as a certified Feng Shui practitioner, I begin my journey with clients by taking the time to understand their challenges and the outcomes they wish to achieve.

The first step in my process in working with clients is really the first step into a good Feng Shui relationship. I listen to your story and from there we evaluate what may need to happen in order to grow, enhance, or even repair relationships in your life.

Chi Counselor

I’m not a marriage counselor but I am a Chi Counselor. In a consultation with a client who might be feeling a strain in their marriage I would likely start with an evaluation of the master bedroom. Everything from the colors in the room to the placement of furniture can impact the energy in this important space.

For example, one client of mine was considering moving in with her significant other. But just simply could not get a good night’s sleep in her “new” shared bedroom.

A review of the bedroom indicated that a heavy ceiling beam was positioned over the side of the bed where my client slept. It was not a surprise to find my client was unable to have a good nights sleep with this weight literally “hanging over her head”. 

Fixes might include representations of pairs of items in the area or even a laughing Buddha with raised hands to lift the weight of the beam and “raise the roof”.  I found the laughing Buddha below at  a local thrift store, Palm & Able in Shelton CT.

FSJW-Laughing Buddha

Finding the Right Helpful People

Even if you are single and not interested in a “love” connection, finding and including supportive people in your life can foster positive energy.

Bagua Chart - Helpful People

Note the bottom right area of the Bagua represents helpful people. This area is crucial to both personal and work relationships. Helpful people are not just friends and family but the complete list of people who fulfill your physical and mental needs.

That includes everyone from a trustworthy plumber to your amazing Feng Shui consultant!

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