What it’s (really) like to have your home staged to sell

Moving a family is crazy overwhelming Our to-do list was not limited to just selling a house... we had a great deal to think about in terms of timing, relocating, schools, kids activities, jobs and so much more. I brought Joan Law in to stage the house and get me get the house ready for the realtor's photographer. Take a look at the details of the staging.

Decluttering marriage: a story

Recently a client of mine shared a story with me about how decluttering helped to save a marriage. My client, Orna, is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Stratford, Connecticut. Orna has been helping couples for decades. Recently we worked together, and Orna shared how caring and making decisions about the home impacts marriages... … Continue reading Decluttering marriage: a story

How a Table Taught Me to Let Go

A client of mine, Kathy, sent me a story about how her family's 1950s dining table taught her a lesson in letting go. Kathy's parents had raised their family around the table, and Kathy inherited it after her parents both passed. When she was ready to pass the table on, Kathy found the name of … Continue reading How a Table Taught Me to Let Go