“As a family therapist for over 40 years, I’m well aware of how important a person’s homebase environment is to their mental and relational health.

“I’m also aware that most of us suffer from an accumulation of extra stuff that clutters our lives and our homes. Decluttering the environment requires time; it also requires making decision after decision. For those suffering from “decision fatigue,” the task may feel overwhelming.

“And so enters Joan Law of Feng Shui Joan’s Way, an expert with an uncanny ability to remake environments with minimal effort. Joan is not afraid to roll her sleeves up and do the work with her clients. In fact, Joan prefers that her clients do not declutter before she steps into their environment. She’ll do it with them.

“Before recommending Joan to my clients, I worked with her at my own house. In a couple of hours, one bedroom became spacious and airy. The grandchildren’s room was decluttered and rearranged quickly as well.

“Joan transformed a daunting and dreaded task into a pleasant afternoon the way she transforms work and home environments.

“As family therapists with system thinking and training, our work covers a lot of bases that affect our clients. The home and work environments are very important bases to cover.

“I recommend Joan Law to clients with full confidence that she will make a difference in their lives and make my work easier and more productive.

Orna – Feng Shui and Mental Health

Many folks would like to move into our community, but they feel overwhelmed at the thought of sorting their stuff, deciding what to keep, and letting go of some possessions. When one of our residents mentioned how helpful Joan was in helping her with this process and with successfully staging her home with items that she owned, we invited her to speak at our community.

Joan was very professional, and put together an interactive, informative, and inspirational presentation.

Our residents, their families, our associates, and future prospects all commented that they were inspired by her straightforward approach. She took seemingly impossible tasks and broke them into simple steps while sharing different ways for us to think about our “stuff.” She fielded specific questions and responded in ways that others could apply to their situation. She tailored another lovely presentation for our group to discuss Feng Shui.

Joan was delightful to work with, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in downsizing, organizing, and making their space beautiful and better for living!

— Theresa Waldron-Yancoskie, Director of Resident Lifestyle
Benchmark Senior Living at Split Rock
Theresa – Senior Living

Working with Joan has truly taught me how our environment can impact our health and harmony in life. Joan has a way of putting you at ease and is highly encouraging, she always keeps me focused on my goals which in turn keeps me feeling excited about the process of creating a clutter free home which I love to be in.

I have so much less anxiety about straightening up because it is so much easier to navigate.

I love learning about Feng Shui and Joan’s expertise in the field has helped me to rearrange my home with purpose and intention.

Thank you, Joan, for all of the incredible life shifts our family has and is continuing to experience. I would be happy to be a reference for you any day!

Julie – Feng Shui and Goals

Joan and I met thru a friend at a time when I really needed to feel balance in my life and in my home. I had recently transitioned from working full-time outside the home to running my own business and simultaneously had been diagnosed with Cancer. You don’t need to fall into either category to utilize Joan’s services. I have two young children and just felt a shift in my home that needed to be made and it wasn’t buying new furniture this time. The energy needed to feel different! Enter Joan! Open to trying just about anything, she helped me re purpose existing furniture, open up rooms, make spaces more calming and remove the visual clutter. We talked about the things that mattered most to me and focused on those areas of my home. If you are feeling ‘stuck’ or looking for a way to love your home again, please consider calling Joan. Thank you Joan, for helping me love the inside of my home again!


Melissa – Getting “Unstuck”

I wanted to let you know that since we took the pool table out, everything you said came to pass.  I remember you mentioned how freeing up that space would allow my daughter to play in there while I worked. That’s exactly  what she’s doing these days. She brought ALL her stuffed animals in there, and now she lines them up to play school while I work. Every time she does that, I think of your Feng Shui advice. We also moved her music lesson in there, and interestingly enough, our lessons are not as contentious as they used to be. We used to practice in the dining room. Now we do it in the old pool table room, and it’s been working very well. Thanks again.


I have been working with Joan for over a year now and I recommend her to everyone. While she is here she is always planting little seeds of wisdom that stick with me and I enjoy sharing them with others. She often makes small adjustments to furniture while she is here that completely transition the room! I truly appreciate her coming into my home and encouraging me to use what we have and donate what no longer serves us. I think everyone can benefit from looking at what they allow to take up space in their homes.

Bridget T.

Not a day goes by that I don’t say, “Thank you, Joan”. After almost a year, I still winnow and eliminate things that I now know are truly unnecessary for me. I went to one of Joan’s six-week sessions, and the simple and nonjudgmental way of Joan’s guiding her students have made me an advocate of decluttering. Whether you take one class or six, you will gain a new perspective on how to simplify many aspects of your life.

Marie – Six Weeks to Simplify
Dining room Staged
“Our home has become a haven “

Joan’s wisdom, compassion, and insight offered my family a valuable lesson regarding the impact our living environment has on all aspects of our life. Our home has become a haven where we can retreat and recharge. Joan serves as a gentle guide for those who are interested and motivated to make changes while gaining skills on how to utilize Feng Shui. Joan’s skill set is professional, person-centered, influential, and nonjudgmental. She has helped us gain confidence in achieving a healthy, rewarding, and energizing life. We have utilized her services off and on for the past four years.

Sheila – From Home to Haven

“Joan played a critical role in the preparation and sale of our family home in CT. She managed every aspect of the project which was multi-phase and spanned 6 months. Her array of services included de-cluttering and staging the house for sale; providing access to her extensive network of qualified professionals for repairs and staging and assisted in presenting real estate brokers for consideration in the sale of the home. She managed and led the project from start to finish which freed me up to handle the details for moving my 91 year old mother to assisted living. We could not have navigated all the details of a project of this magnitude without her!”