Ready to clear some clutter from your home but don’t know where to start?

My​ 25 Item Clutter Scavenger Hunt ​is for you!

The Clutter Scavenger Hunt includes links to where to donate or dispose of items that no longer serve you, like old batteries and cell phones, outdated medications and eyeglasses.

​Have kids and want to get them involved? This hunt can be a good summertime boredom buster.

Need more motivation? You’ll receive a prize when you return your completed hunt along with a photo of the pile of your items. Just follow these three steps

  1. ​Request a copy of the Hunt at
  2. Get Hunting!
  3. Email me back your completed Hunt and a photo of your pile of “stuff.”
  4. ​Each participant will receive a credit card sleeve that not only protects your credit card from fraud but will remind you to ask 3 questions before you make your next purchase. ​

    Do I Love It?
    Do I Need It?
    Does It Supports My Goals?​

Happy Hunting!