Ever heard of choice anxiety?

If you haven’t, you’ve definitely experienced it! After all, you live in the Western world, home of the Super Cereal aisle! Freedom is choice, right??

Actually, no. Choice anxiety is a common affliction.

Too many choices overloads our brains and increases stress. Barry Schwartz, psychologist and author of “The Paradox of Choice” says our blooming access to more choices of EVERYTHING makes us miserable.

“The existence of multiple alternatives makes it easy for us to imagine alternatives that don’t exist—alternatives that combine the attractive features of the ones that do exist.

“And to the extent that we engage our imaginations in this way, we will be even less satisfied with the alternative we end up choosing. So, once again, a greater variety of choices actually makes us feel worse.”

— Barry Schwartz,  “The Paradox of Choice”

Children and adults alike do better in life when choices are limited. Those with perfectionist personalities often fear making the “wrong” choice and are sometimes struck with choice paralysis.

Ready to tackle choice anxiety … but how?

Try limiting your choices in one area and see how much better you feel.

Overstuffed closets and overflowing laundry baskets are commonplace in most homes today. Why not start with your clothing? Paring down your closet and shoe collection (and understanding what to keep and why) immediately reduces choice anxiety  — first thing in the morning!

Need help getting started? Let’s work together. Contact me and tell me where you’d like to start reducing your choice anxiety.