Feng Shui is not a “one and done” activity. Feng Shui, like yoga or mediation, is something you practice and “do” on a regular basis.

Feng Shui practice is a method of arranging your space and the stuff in it to maximize ​the ​energy to support you​. So​ it ​makes sense that as your life circumstances and your desires change, so should your space.

Feng Shui practice goes beyond the actions you take in  your space: it is a mindset and an approach to how you live with your stuff.

It’s about being selective and positive in your approach to your space, and understanding how letting go will give you more room in your life for success.

Like I said: not one and done! Takes some feng shui practice!

Support your ​life ​goals by mindfully arranging your environment with intentionand see what happens!​

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