Happy National Golf Day!

With its rolling green hills, twinkling ponds and hours of relaxed walking, who doesn’t love a day out on the course?

Well, that reminds me of a talk I gave to the Rotary Club of Stratford at Oronoque Country Club.  I was speaking to the Stratford Rotary in a room that overlooked the golf course. Images of the clubs’ luscious greens decorated the room.

What a perfect opportunity to explain how using your “Feng Shui Eyes” can help identify how things in your environment​ are impacting what is happening in your life.

The Eye of the Beholder

I explained that the gorgeous (and seemingly harmless!) images of the Golf Course were a perfect accent to the room at the Club.

However, take these same images and hang them in your bedroom and what happens?

golf feng shui
Don’t drive angry!

Images of a golf course might evoke unwanted emotions and feelings if hung at home in your place of relaxation. ESPECIALLY if time spent on the golf course is frustrating for you (are you truly happy with your swing?) or a cause of disagreement and resentment between you and your partner.

Who needs a constant reminder of an irritant in the bedroom?

​Images that evoke beauty and relaxation to one family member — or in another context — may cause stress and anxiety in your space of relaxation and rejuvenation. That’s where understanding feng shui comes in handy!

We work with you to use your Feng Shui eyes in your home. Ready to learn how?

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