Today I had a consultation with family who I have been working with over the years. We first met when they needed to undertake massive clutter clearing and during the process realized that the home they owned was draining too much of their finance and was more house then they needed. They sold that home and moved into a rental until they could regroup, address their finances and identify what they really wanted out of life. Together we set up the rental apartment, not an easy task when you move from a 3 bedroom home with an attic, basement and garage to a 2 bedroom apartment. But they identified that they wanted to live with less and live a simpler life. Fast forward to today, now that their finances have stabilized, they have been able to purchase a new condo that better suits their needs.

I am so honored that they have allowed me to be part of their journey. Their story is a reminder that Feng Shui is not a "One and Done" activity, but a tool to use has you navigate through life.

Let’s talk about how Feng Shui can help you with your life goals.