The following suggestions were contributed by members of International Feng Shui Guild

and written by Deb Dermyer



Do you ever feel like you just can’t get your mojo going? We all want Motivation,
Momentum, and Movement. But sometimes, we are just Maxx-ed out.
Feng Shui tells us to shift. We need a nurturing flow of energy to keep us moving through
life; through our relationships, goals, work, joy, passions and fun. So, when you are stuck,
something in your brain says you need to move. Maybe you feel it in your gut. But change
is not always easy.
So, what happens when you feel so stuck, that you can’t even think about how to
get unstuck because your stuck is so stuck. Well, we asked our experts what they do
when they need a big shift, or a reset to their energy. And their answers were amazing.
Not only did each of us learn something for ourselves – but we believe everyone will be able
to take at least one of the following and apply in your own life.
A Change Will Do You Good
Change is a big piece of Feng Shui. Accepting and embracing change to let go of the old
and bring in the new. It’s the old saying, if what you are doing isn’t working, then do
something else.
Additionally, one of the biggest things a feng shui consultant will tell you, when you are
stuck, is to clean up your clutter. Put stuff away. Get rid of things that are broken or don’t
serve you anymore. There is no right answer. Only what’s right for you.
“Decluttering can be an overwhelming task when you have no motivation, just try 9
minutes for 9 days. Just 9 minutes, put your clock on and see how much 9 minutes
will help you shift some of that blocked energy…” Claire
“Change it up. Do the opposite of your routine. If you have a regular walking or
driving route, begin in the opposite direction. If you shower in the evening, shower in
the morning instead.” Carolyn
And you can also think outside the box. “I have had periods in my life when a really
BIG shift was needed; when that happened, I changed the purpose of some of my

rooms. Switched my office with our guest bedroom. Swapped out our dining room
and made it my office.” Joan

Let’s Groove
An easy way to up your energy is to use music/sound and moving your body.
“Good music, dance, movement, windows open, basically rising own vibes, clearing
head and committing.” Stephanie Jane

“Get up early – earlier than the world because it’s quiet. Make a playlist – have a 10
minute dance party! Find a podcast and play in the background while you pull all
your stuff off your shelves and organize and make piles.” Angela

“Music. Put some amazing tunes on and set the intention to clean up your office. Its
the only way I can get things done.” Suzanne
“Move your body, still your mind.” Carolyn

Let it Be
And on the opposite end of movement is stillness. Sometimes it’s good to just rest.
“When I am overwhelmed, the last thing I need is another thing on my to-do list.
Just try being with no expectations, let it happen in its own time.” Andrea

“What I can say is to look at it for what it is. Don’t be judgmental about. Everything
comes in waves and cycles and be comforted that this phase is temporary. You need
an energy reset. Don’t force the energy as you may be going against the current.”

“Be easy on yourself. Rest if you can. Take breaks. Be kind to you. Go swimming.
Take some baths. The energy will return and when it does just make one big pile of
the “chaos” so you can feel the benefits quickly and then slow and steady go through
the pile when you can.” Katie

IThe Hills are Alive
Nature. So many talked about the value of nature, getting outside and breathing fresh air.
Yes, even if it’s very hot or very cold. There is something about the earth’s energy that we
need; we crave; that feeds our souls. The earth is a magical place and all our needs can be
met with her beauty and gifts.

“Go for a walk and say thank you with every foot step for however long your walk is.
10 deep breaths of fresh air outside.” Angela

“Try using some Macrocarpa flower essence, a Eucalypt from Australia. Both the tree
and the flower have a tremendous power about them and this comes out in its
properties. This Essence brings about renewed enthusiasm, endurance, and inner
strength.” Richard

Indications for use:
Negative: Personally drained. Tired, exhausted, burnt-out, low immunity.
Positive: Renews enthusiasm. Strong affinity to the adrenal glands, bringing
about energy, strength, vitality.

On the Road Again
Sometimes you just need to get out of the house or change your view.

“Go on a vacation! Come back renewed with new perspective and energy.” Amanda


“Just walking away from the tasks for a week, even if I didn’t actually go on
vacation, and came back fresher a week later.” Joan

The Power of [Self] Love
We all know the buzz words of self-love and self-care. But when you are depleted, it really
is one of the most important things you can do to jump start your engine. So, when you
are tired – by all means rest. Even when you think you can’t, because you don’t have time
or if you do the world will implode – it’s even more important, or your battery will be dead.

“Cycles in energy are normal. Do things to avoid burnout and help you restore
alignment…Take a walk outside, strength training, yoga, spa day, talk to a friend,
sing, dance, listen to music, meditate, spiritual dowsing.” Lisa

We love this from Jillian: “I suggest you 1) take a break 2) delegate 3) take another
break 4) more self-care like a massage or body treatment 5) take a nap.”
Working 9 To 5
In the office – especially with co-workers, the energy is electric at time. And chaotic. And
it’s all good. From chaos comes order; and from chaos beauty can rise.

“Make a list of 3 items to do that may or may not be related to your desk and check
them off when completed. Keep it simple. The first item on your list: make your bed
☑️.” Carolyn

“When it comes to your office, tackle like with like items (ie paper, pens, books etc)
and set a timer for 15 minutes then take a break. For the desk area, break it up into
quadrants, so only work on the far left corner until it’s clean, rather than working on
the entire desk.” Louise

“Is it just you in the office? If not, sit everyone down for a centering moment and
help them to be present through deep breathing. Then have everyone state their
purpose and goal on the business and for that specific day. Then show them that
basically everyone has the same goal. Have weekly grounding meetings to stay
focused.” Rahbia

Good Vibrations
Energy is everything. Energy is in everything. Whether it’s in your physical world or your
physical body. It’s all about the energy and grow
“Try essential oils…peppermint always clears my head. Lavender bath, if a luxurious
bath is not something you can do, try a lavender body wash. Embrace the feel of the
water in your body…allowing the water and scent to pull away all the negative
energy.” Linda

“Reiki!” Erin

“When things get tough to clear up in a space, using sound, even when you are not
there, is way to uplift the space and help it feel less stuck. So leave your iPad there
with nature sounds, healing music or some upbeat tunes you love. Put salt in all the
corners. Turn on all the lights and open the windows. Spray some essential oils and
light a candle. Then honor that your energy is overwhelmed… and just sit… and slow
your senses to be cleared and energized.” LuAnn

“I find when I am blocked it can be related to one of the chakras. Your body may
require a specific colour ray. For example, if you are stressed or confused it usually
sits in the solar plexus. Yellow is the colour choice for your solar plexus where to
claim your authentic power. I suggest adding yellow to your diet, clothing and
environment. I also have clients who use the Colour Mirrors system to bathe in the
colour or spray the spritzers to shift the energy and bring in the colour ray your spirit
needs.” Sherry

Don’t Worry Be Happy
Similar to letting go – that we talked about above – often it’s about letting go of the
expectations and letting the universe do its work. Yes, we need to make the physical shifts
– that clutter isn’t going to take care of itself. But then we also need to trust the process,
trust the universe to do what is best for us.

“Let go of shoulds. Proclaim that the stuff symbolizes abundance and consider that
the clearing is sharing. Do you subconsciously worry about not having something to
do in your down time? Sometimes clutter can represent a backup so that you don’t
run out of “some things to do.” Peggy

“I recently had the same thing in a room and being able to just dig in was so so
hard, I just kept avoiding it. I knew what the room’s chaos was doing to me but
doing the work was, just ugh. I started cleaning the space energetically. I did a salt
clearing then burned Palo Santo Incense and used my bells in the room for a few
days. This worked for me, and I was able to lift the energy level of the room so I
could actually get motivated to do the hard work. And interestingly enough, I just
dug in one day and spent hours organizing. I didn’t plan it, I let it happen.” Dee

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