Alter the Clutter-Depression Cycle

Turn a Frown into a Super Feng Shui Smile! So many folks I’ve chatted with over the past ten months report that they are depressed. And indeed, studies show that depression can contribute to a disinterest in your surroundings which can lead to a cluttered home. Studies have also shown that excessive clutter and items … Continue reading Alter the Clutter-Depression Cycle

The Feng Shui Way to Pack up your Holidays

Tips to Help you Pack up Holiday Décor 2021 will start much like 2020 ended. We will all be working actively to stay safe but, I think, we will all also actively work to move forward and away from last year’s drama as quickly as a vaccine will allow us to. So, while we are … Continue reading The Feng Shui Way to Pack up your Holidays

A Resolution you can Reach!

Every year “Get Organized” makes it to most New Year’s Resolution lists. The first step to successfully fulfilling this resolution is identifying the source of disorganization and then working to eliminate it. More often than not, the avenue to disorganization is excess stuff or clutter in your environment (home and/or office). Start by becoming your … Continue reading A Resolution you can Reach!

Holiday Gift Giving Tip – The Collection Trap

A Holiday Gift Tip. Re-thinking the Collection Trap Here is an updated gift giving tip with a Feng Shui Twist for my readers. We all have folks in our lives who are collectors. Collecting, at least by definition, is different than hoarding. A collector is an individual who collects things of a specified type, professionally … Continue reading Holiday Gift Giving Tip – The Collection Trap

Which Comes First: Clutter or Depression?

  It is a vicious cycle: anxiety or depression can lead to a clutter​ed​ home. And a clutter​ed home can also lead to depression and more anxiety. When we are caught up in this cycle of clutter and depression, we tend to do less about the house, which makes it even worse​. thither But which came first … Continue reading Which Comes First: Clutter or Depression?

Decluttering marriage: a story

Recently a client of mine shared a story with me about how decluttering helped to save a marriage. My client, Orna, is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Stratford, Connecticut. Orna has been helping couples for decades. Recently we worked together, and Orna shared how caring and making decisions about the home impacts marriages... … Continue reading Decluttering marriage: a story

Don’t Wait. Be Prepared.

If you are like me and fortunate enough to live in a part of the country that is not currently in the path of hurricanes like Harvey and Irma or a wild fire (or experiencing an earthquake), now is a great time to think about how prepared you are for an emergency. I find myself … Continue reading Don’t Wait. Be Prepared.

How a Table Taught Me to Let Go

A client of mine, Kathy, sent me a story about how her family's 1950s dining table taught her a lesson in letting go. Kathy's parents had raised their family around the table, and Kathy inherited it after her parents both passed. When she was ready to pass the table on, Kathy found the name of … Continue reading How a Table Taught Me to Let Go

Can The Mug You Choose This Morning Change Your Day?

What message is written on your coffee mug? Did you know that something as simple as what is written on your mug is almost as important as what is in your mug when it comes to how you feel? I like humor and laughs as much as anyone but sometimes we laugh at these types … Continue reading Can The Mug You Choose This Morning Change Your Day?